We are a non profitable organization and our mission is to improve the quality of life of orphan children who are victim of armed conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo.
We provide shelter, resources and assistance with that end in mind. 
We centralize, organize and direct the efforts to gather funds and donations from all over the world.
We provide volunteer support on a local and international level.
We endorse and support parenthood for the children.
GIVE HOPE, was created with the intention of directing and centralizing the efforts to raise funds and donations to be used to improve the quality of life of the children of the Tulizeni and Amour orphanages, located in the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic Of Congo.

This includes, but is not limited to, improving household infrastructure, providing furnishings, ensuring basic needs as well as access to education, services and health, promoting sponsorship by families or individuals to each children.
Give Hope Foundation is the link between you and those in need.

Join us on our search to make the World a better place!

GIVE HOPE, was created not only to help the aforementioned orphanages, but to create new centers by working with the support from every corner of the globe.
Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo, Founder
What might be worthless for you, might be invaluable for them...
Based in Uruguay, GHF counts with assistance from over 10 countries of 3 continents!

"Give Hope has given me the opportunity to give aid to those who needs it the most."

I am part of the parenthood Program and being Jojo's God mother imakes me so proud. To have had the chance to meet these amazing kids (in DRC) and to be able to be with them is a bliss.
Isabell Rodriguez, Enterpreneur, Actress (Sweden)

"Children must be declared patrimony of humanity."

All of us should put our effort in helping them. These children needs us. The world cannot afford to look back any longer...
Ma Raquel Curbelo Iriarte, School Teacher (Uruguay) 
What might be worthless for you, could be invaluable for them...
Nobody in the world needs you the most, and any help, no matter how small, can potentially change a life.
Learn how you can help them and make a difference by donating anything from $1.
Do you have old clothes, toys, school supplies? Contact Us!
ne of our main goals is to show you that "their world", that one that seems so far away, is the same as yours, and that helping them is far easier than it seems.
Learn about our PARENTHOOD PROGRAM, the best way to realistically and immediately help the children we are working with.
We love what we do, but it is a demanding and hard task. That is why a helping hand is always welcome.
Learn hor you can become one of us, from your home... or here in the field with us.
Become a Volunteer! 
What might be useless for you, might be unvaluable for them.
With only $1 a day you can change a life...
Your skills and tools can make a difference.
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With onle $1 per day you can change a life...
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